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Our in-house cafe serves Café Nespresso coffee and pre or post workout snacks.

Our members find it a great space to chat and catch up with old friends and make some new friends at the same time.

So whether you're looking for a chill out after your workout or just want to grab a "cappuccino to go" on your way to work, we have just the thing here at the Premier World Café.

Popular with our members is our range of pre and post training protein shakes to help power you through your workout and to help your body recover afterwards.

If you're thinking of joining, pop in for a free coffee and a chat with owner Jamie or one of the Premier World team.




coffee 2.jpg

Black Coffee – £1.95
Regular Coffee – £2.30
Cappucino – £2.65
Latte – £2.65
Pot of Tea – £1.65
Green Tea – £1.75
Flavoured Tea – £1.75
Sugar Free syrup – £0.40

Take out available 

Sports Drinks

Water – £1.50
Energy Drink – £2.30
Grenade Protein Shake – £2.70
Large Protein Shake – £3.50

Pre Workout £1.60

Protein Powder

Fresh Made Protein Drinks

Half Pint – £2.30
Full Pint – £3.30
Extra scoop – £0.50

Pre-Workout & BCAA’s

1 Scoop – £1.40
2 Scoops – £2.00

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