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How To Use The Leg Press Machine

Watch our video for tips on how to use the leg press machine. This bit of kit is great for building strength in your lower body. Follow these steps to get the best results.

  • Select the weight you'd like to use and slide it onto the stack

  • To get into the machine, hold the handle, place your feet inside and take a comfortable seating position.

  • Place your feet onto the pad at approx shoulder width distance apart, toes are slightly turned out, and your feet are at the same height. Make sure your lower back is snug and fit into the seat.

  • Place your hands on the safety handles and push the stack away, then release the handles out to the side.

  • Bring the stack down towards you by bending the knees to a lowered position and feel the tension build in the leg muscles, then push the stack away from you. Be careful not to lock the knees at the top position and allow a small bend in the knee.

  • Perform your desired rep range in your set.

  • When you're finished, hold onto the safety handles and bring them in towards the middle allowing the hook to line up with the catch on the pad. To get out, hold onto the handle, place your feet onto the floor, and exit the machine.

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